Hello from Atlantic, Iowa!

We are located about midway between Omaha, NE and Des Moines, IA. We farm a `Century Farm' (established in 1884), consisting of 280 acres of gently rolling Marshal soil.

We raise corn, soybeans, and finish hogs. Delbert is busy as a Township Director of the Cass County Farm Bureau and with his computer consulting business.  Lana (pronounced, like Lana Turner) is a farm wife and also sells real estate for Century 21 Dement Realty (member of the C21 'Emerald' Masters Club for multi-million sales and a Quality Service Award recipient) in Atlantic. Lana and I are both Alumni of Atlantic High School.  We have two fine sons. Our son, Matthew is a graduate of Atlantic High School and is working and living in the Atlantic area. Our son Mark is a graduate of Atlantic High School and Iowa State University College of Engineering / Ag Engineering with a BS and MS, and currently employed by Caterpillar, Inc. in Peoria, IL.  His wife Amity, is also an ISU graduate with a BS in Chemical Engineering and a MS in Food Process Engineering and graduate of Illinois State University with a teaching degree.  She is currently employed at a school near Peoria, where she teaches high school Chemistry.  We also have a handsome 7 year old grandson, named Zechariah.

We are proud to be 4th and 5th (and now 6th) generation farmers in the field of PRODUCTION AGRICULTURE. We are businessmen who have a unique job in society, WE FEED THE WORLD. Today, Americans are blessed with the most plentiful, most wholesome, and the most economical food supply in our history. May God bless the American Farmer!


        EMAIL US AT delbert@westphalens.com
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